Friday, November 2, 2012

CAUTION: Sap Ahead

Sometimes I get so involved with everything around me that I don't see the days flying by. Where did the year go, really? Now that it's apparently November, I really need to try and make it a point to be thankful for  the things around me.

Making up for yesterday, I will be thankful twice as much today. And the only thing that deserves double thanks is my sweet husband. He really deserves a whole years worth of praise, but I only have one day to express my love for him this month. That's probably more than enough. I really hate it when couples gush about each other Every. Single. Day. on Facebook like they are always happy with each other. Get real. That being said, this will be my chance to talk about Mr. Lott with no limitations. If you aren't into that, you should probably go ahead and stop reading. You might vomit at all the love I'm about to throw at you. 

It's 8:45pm on a Friday night and George just left for work. I just got home about an hour and a half ago. I would complain, but this is much better than what his schedule has been in the past. He's such a good guy. He tries to make sure that everyone is happy with everything that he does. I know it puts a lot on his shoulders, but he does what he can. He had today off before he had to go in tonight, so I asked him to do a few things. He, of course, said "Okay" and did everything I asked him to do. We even got to have lunch together so I could have a break from a grueling week at work. He's so great! 

Here's a little bit of Lott history for you: When we first started dating, George would send me sweet text messages late at night so I would get them right before I fell asleep. I'm not sure if he knows this or not (I'm sure he does, since I can't keep a secret), but I wrote down every sweet text he's ever sent me in a notebook. I think I will share some. You can be jealous of what you're about to read, it's okay. I'm a little jealous of my 17 year old self after reading some of these!

"If the sun isn't out, I'm sure your smile will brighten up the day." August 11, 2005 12:29am
"Funniest Videos is on and I can't laugh without you. Okay, I can but I miss you laughing with me." February 24, 2006 8:51pm
"Being with you is like having my very own piece of heaven." March 3, 2006 1:38am
"I'm thirsty... Thirsty fo' yo LOVE!" June 3, 2006 4:30pm

I'm giggling to myself. Kimber thinks I'm a nut. Those aren't even the really good ones! He used to be so cheesy. I ate it up. I still love it. 

Things have changed a little since we started dating and started having responsibilities. I used to think that buying me flowers, making me sweet cards and sending lovey dovey texts were the sweetest things that anyone could ever do for me. Boy was I wrong. Don't get me wrong - those things are still super nice, but my taste has changed. Since we've been married, I find other things more desirable. For instance, cleaning the dust off of the fans. If I tried to dust the fans, I would be sick for a week with all of that dust. My superhero husband does it with no problems at all. How dreamy!

George likes to pick on me constantly, tell me I'm aggravating and pretend that he can't hear me when I'm telling him a story, but we have the best relationship that I could have hoped for. Not every day is a day in heaven. Some days we only get to see each other for about 2 seconds in the morning when we kiss each other goodbye for the day. Some days I can go a little overboard with the things that I want to do together with him and he thinks that I've gone insane. Sometimes he makes faces while I'm telling him about how terrible my day was and how everyone is dumb and needs to use their brains a little more (I'm sure we've all had days where we've felt like the only competent person on the planet). Secretly, he loves listening to my stories, I just know it. Even if things aren't perfect, it's okay because I'm spending my life with my best friend.

I could talk about George once a day, everyday, all day long if I could. I just don't think that I could have taken on life without him. Everyday is a new adventure. And now, I will wait for him to get home because he told me that in honor of Halo 4 coming out soon, we need to play Halo 1-3 to get ready. Some things never change and that's why I love him. 

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