Saturday, April 27, 2013

Instagram Recap!

Pearls and Curls

Time to catch everyone up on my Instagram shenanigans! I've got a lot of catching up to do so bear with me!

1) Shameless selfie. Not really too much to add.
2) I won $8.50 in the office pool for our NCAA tournament. Go me!
3) Throwback. Duckface since 1989!
4) Go Braves! |>/>|>/>|>/>|>/>|>/>|>
5) Kimber kisses. I was so excited because that NEVER happens!
6) This is more what Kimber is like normally.
7) Wearing my lucky Braves jacket!
8) Throwback to Rock City. I was getting cozy with those characters.
9) Sleepy Kimber.
10) Go Braves, again!
11) Prom 2006. Still in love. :)
12) I wore my hair down for the first time in a while and noticed how long it was getting. Whoa!
13) Beautiful day at the pond!
14) Random bruise on my middle finger. How does this even happen?
15) My rookie t-ball card. I was adorable. I know. :)

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Thursday, April 25, 2013

Baby-Free Since 2003

It seems like the more you're on Facebook, especially in the South, the more people are popping out babies. I swear, every time I get on Facebook there's someone else getting pregnant or popping out a child. Don't get me wrong, I want kids. And, up until a few weeks ago, I wanted them like NOW! 

I had them baby rabies BAD. It was actually affecting my mental state. Finally, I was alone one day browsing my photos on Facebook and remember all of the fun things that I've gotten to do for the past few years. When you move out on your own you have this sense of freedom. You all know what I'm talking about. You can do whatever you want, go wherever you want, stay however long you want, etc. You're free to do all of those things without a DAMN thing holding you back. 

Then, you get married and move in with your Hubs and things tend to slow down a little bit. You get a steady job, you've got a good routine going, you've got more money than you ever had in college and your brain, from some reason goes straight to: GIVE ME A BABY. It's the weirdest thing. 

Now that I've come out on the other side of this terribly brain warping part of being female, I am offering my - for lack of  a better term - wisdom. 

I will give you a quote from my dad first: "Spend your money on yourself for as long as you can. When you have kids, it all goes to them." This was followed by an ever-so-tactful "Don't think I want to have grandkids, because I don't." Thanks dad! 

At the time, I kind of shrugged it off because I didn't fully comprehend the knowledge in that advice my dad gave me. Now that I'm making money, I get it. Why would you want to rush into having kids right when you start making money? Why would you not want to take a few years and enjoy the extra money that you're making? After you start having kids, you'll have to wait YEARS before you can basically do anything ever again without having to worry about the well being of a little human that YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR TAKING CARE OF FULLY. When I realized that, it was like a brick to the face. 

Not only do I not want to be fully responsible for a little human at this point in my life, but I don't want anything holding me back from doing all the things that I love doing. Call me selfish. I like going to baseball games. I like shopping. I like taking trips. I like amusement parks. I like napping on my own time. I like going out with my friends. I like staying out all night with whoever it is that I'm with and coming home at ungodly hours of the morning. I like having friends over at the house. I like eating out. I like spontaneous vacations. I like my quiet house. Pretty sure that most, if not all, of those things are going to come to a halt when I start having kids. Quite frankly, I don't want that. 

So girls, if you don't want kids - don't be pressured into having kids from all of the baby pictures, baby pins and baby statuses flooding Facebook. Wait until you're ready. You have to give up a lot more than just time to have a baby so take your time  in deciding if you want one or not. Children need attention. Pretty much all you can give. Make sure that you're ready to give that up because you're going to have to. Children deserve all the attention, all of the care and the best possible life that you can give them. If you aren't ready to give 200%, you probably aren't ready. And that's okay. If you wait until you're ready, you and baby will probably be happier. 

This wasn't to offend young mothers. I just wanted to put my recent epiphany out there for other young married women such as myself. 

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

GFC Lovin' Blog Hop! - I'm Co-Hosting!

Hello everyone! I'm Co-hosting GFC Lovin' Blog Hop today with Rainbows & Honeysuckle and Pearls & Curls! There is also another co-host in addition to myself: Miss Mama Me!  I couldn't be more excited, seriously!

Welcome to the GFC Lovin' Blog Hop! I hope you'll link up with us and stay awhile! :)

GFC Lovin

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Monday, April 22, 2013

2 Weeks.

I promise that I haven't fallen off of a cliff or disappeared into the darkness - I'm still here and still going. If you follow me on Instagram and Twitter, you knew that. :) I had to take a little break from bloggy land for my own personal reasons, but I'm back and hopefully ready to dive back in.

But, now that I'm back I'm not really sure of where to start. It's almost like starting all over again!

During my small hiatus, I've been listening to lots and lots of music. I guess that will be my first post back. I must warn you, I listen to absolutely everything. Rap, pop, country, alt, oldies. All of it. These songs will be a nice mixture of all of those things. Enjoy!

22 - Taylor Swift
There is something about T-Swizzle songs that make me feel young again. I don't mind that. I don't mind that at all. 

Over When It's Over - Eric Church 
The man can't come out with a bad song. It's a gift. 

Madness - Muse 
I'm so upset that I wasn't able to see them live in Atlanta. Hearing them sing this one song live would have been more than worth it. Fa sho.

Free Fallin' - John Mayer 
This is a cover, obviously. But, can I just say that if John Mayer sings this song at his concert in September, I will probably need a new pair of panties. If he sings Your Body is a Wonderland immediately following this, we're gonna have panties being dropped all over the place. Mark my word.

And as an added bonus - this is my absolute favorite commercial right now. I find it completely hysterical.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

First Things First! I'm Co-Hosting!!!

I'm so excited about First Things First this week because I'm co-hosting! I love this link-up and I hope you'll join us this week!

Meet your hosts this week: 

It's First Things First with RachelHalie and ME! Let's get to it!

1. First Pinterest Project or Recipe. 
My very first Pinterest project was a wreath. A super time-consuming wreath. I've posted this wreath before, but I'm not very excited for (a) how much it cost (b) how long it took and (c) how it looked when I was finished.

I'm sure if I re-did this wreath, I would make a better one, but I just don't feel like it. I've made many wreaths after this and I like them more and more each time! I love Pinterest!

2. First Song that Comes Up (Can be iPod or Pandora!)
I am going to answer this both ways, because it's hilarious. Turned on Pandora and this is the first song that started playing (via No Scrubs Radio):

Talk about a throw-back! The second song that started playing was Ride Wit Me by Nelly. I love this station! And here's the first song that started playing when I turned on iTunes:

I love me some Jason Mraz! Anyone remember The Remedy AKA the song that made me fall in love with him?

3. First Product You Use in the Shower.
That would be my Tresemme Color Protection Shampoo and Conditioner! Gotta keep my color from fading, right? And, I especially love these because they are HUGE bottles AND they come with a salon pump! I love it when I can catch them when they have the salon pump!

If you'd like to join in on this fun link-up, check out the super simple 'rules' below, and get to writing! Can't wait to see all the new link-ups this week, meet new friends and read ya'lls posts!
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Monday, April 8, 2013

Weekend Recap!!

I had a pretty exciting weekend so I'm gonna link up with Sami's Shenenigans for Weekend Shenanigans! Let's just get right into, you wanna?


Friday was pretty awesome! I headed up to Atlanta for my first baseball game of the season. Check out the shirts that I got for this season:
Aren't they adorable?? I love them. When I got to Atlanta, I helped out with the Homeless Pets Foundation before the game to try and get some puppies a home. I wish I could take them all, but I can't. *sadface*

Here's a few pictures that were taken on Friday, at the Braves game. Braves won, I got to see some friends that I hadn't seen in ages and I got to go out so I was a happy happy girl. 

That jacket I'm wearing I had to buy at the game. I hate spending lots of money on clothes, but it was freezing and I had to do something about that - so I bought a $69 jacket. The cheapest jacket in the whole stadium. Was it worth it? I don't know - but what I do know is that I'm gonna be wearing it A LOT so it will seem like it was worth it. See what I mean:

I mean, it's pretty cute though, right? Okay, it was worth it. 

Now, here's a couple of pictures from Friday night with my sweet friend J-Dub who I hadn't seen in a long time! I love her!


Yeah, all that was on Friday. Can you believe it? I can't either. Saturday we got up and walked to Centennial Park for the Big Dance concert series for Final Four weekend. It was SO. CROWDED. I expected it though. I mean, the line up was insane! Macklemore, Ludacris, Flo Rida, Muse. Unfortunately, I could only handle it for so long without food or water, so I only got to really see Macklemore. I caught a little bit of Luda while I was eating (which is kind of a bummer because I love me some Luda!). Muse ended up being after the basketball game, so I didn't get to see them either. I had to head home. WHAT. A. LONG. DRIVE. Anyways - it was TOTALLY worth it! Here's my pics from Macklemore! He was awesome! 


Sunday I made it all the way home. I was tired, I hurt and I felt like a truck hit me on the highway. It was all worth the weekend that I had. That, and the ACMs were on last night and I got to see Lukey Luke in his skinny jeans. Yes, please! 

What did you do this weekend? Bet it wasn't as good as mine! :)

Monday, April 1, 2013

The Most Glorious Day of the Year!


I've been waiting for this day since this past October and it's finally here! I can't wait to see my Bravos in action! Friday, you can't come soon enough! I can't wait for my first game of the season. I can not wait to see our team take the field and show those other teams what we've got! We've made some big moves this off season and I've got a good feeling about our chances at the World Series. Here we come October! 

Here's a video to get you pumped up! A-T-L it's our time to shine!

And here's the official Braves video to give you chills! 

See you at the ballpark!! It's time to watch some baseball!