Wednesday, November 14, 2012

My Purse Tells Me What I Need to Hear

Have you ever felt so incredibly busy that you just have no idea what's even going on in your own life? Yeah. That's me right now. How do I know this? My purse told me so. 

My purse is like my sanctuary of crap. All of the crap that I need to survive on a day to day basis. Wallet, phone(s), meds, checkbook. How men only survive with their wallet, I will never know. Today, as I sat down with my husband to eat dinner at the airport (where he works - because let's face it, that's probably the most we'll see each other for a couple of days), I looked at my purse. It looks like a freakin' war-zone. There is crap in there from I-don't-know-when or I-don't-know-where. If you know me, you know that I am organized. I don't like junk. This upset me. But then, I realized that it is a direct reflection of my life as of late. I mean, I haven't even had time to throw away receipts from when I bought my precious puppy food 3 weeks ago. I have Old Navy SuperCash that expired BEFORE George banned me from there (my fault - I like to shop, I can't help it). It's THAT bad. 

Work is demanding, pets are demanding, keeping my house clean is demanding (but really, that's the first thing to go after the purse) and I feel like there's no "Me-Time." Welcome to being a grown-up I guess. 

Even when the world feels like it's revolving to fast for me to go with it's flow, I can't help but to be thankful for all of the things that keep me so busy. I'm thankful for my job - probably the best job and the best bosses that I could have hoped to land right out of college. I'm thankful for my pets - they keep me from being so lonely while I wait for George to get home every night. I'm thankful for my busy weekends - I like going out of town to see my long-distance friends and I like finally having weekends off with George. All of these things that are stressing me out are actually the things that make me happy. It's quite a twist when you think about it. It actually makes my brain hurt a little bit. 

I guess the lesson in all this is that I need to slow down. If it doesn't get done today, that's okay. The world will not go down in flames because I forgot to go to the store to buy Old Spice body wash/shampoo (Whoops! Sorry, baby!). I need to sit here, clean my purse out and enjoy life as I live it because Lord knows I'll go crazy if my pocketbook gets this bad again! 

PS - I'm terrible at this blogging thing. I know. I promise to try harder. :)

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