Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Bowl Picks!

It's about time I let the sports fanatic out of me. It's BOWL SEASON, people! The only time of the year when I care about teams that I haven't watched play all season long. And why, you may ask? Because of Pick 'Ems! This year I joined a Pick 'Em group with one of my co-workers. It was a $25 buy-in, but the pot is BIG. Who wouldn't want to join in? So, because of how excited I am about my picks (some of which were complete and utter guesses), I will share them with the world! 

In case of a tie-breaker, my guesses (straight out of the thin air around my booty) for the combined scores of: 
  1. The Capitol One Bowl - 57
  2. BCS Title Game - 78
Is anyone else doing a Bowl Pick 'Em? I'd love to hear about it! Games start Saturday! 

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