Monday, January 21, 2013

My Very First 5 for Five

Today I'm linking up with Jessica & Jenn for a little something they like to call 5 for Five! All you do is list 5 things that you plan to accomplish this week and check back on your list from last week. What a great way to get some motivation going to get things done! 


Since it's my first time, I have nothing to report back on from last week - just my list for this week! Let's do this! 

1. Finish dusting my house. I started dusting this weekend with the help of my sweet husband, but somewhere around the beginning of the Falcons game and the end of the Falcons game, I lost all motivation. Now I'm sitting here with a half-dusted house and a full week of work ahead of me. Hopefully I can get it done. :)

2. Eat at home for at least 4/5 nights. This is my un-doing. I'm not a big fan of cooking. It's mostly because I hate grocery shopping. Everything I cook is improvised from what I already have in my kitchen. Half of the time it ends up being the same thing: Chicken with some kind of sauce/crust and green beans. SO creative, I know. We had Wendy's tonight, so I'm well on my way. Ha! 

3. Put up the lingering Christmas decorations. I know, I know. It's stuff like the doormat (which needs to be cleaned first) and the garden flag that's just sitting in the junk pile (which also needs to be cleaned). It should have already been done, but I got a little lazy. Shoot me. 

4. Finish laundry. Yuck. I'm thinking I'll do this tonight. It's just a couple of loads left, thank goodness. We started on it this weekend because I needed jeans. Once I start I feel the need to do it all in one go-round so nothing gets out of sync. Know what I mean? 

5. Buy more things for George's Valentine's Day gift. I love buying George stuff. I love being lovey dovey. Guess what? I love Valentine's Day. I have a couple of things picked out and ready to go, but I need a few more things to make it perfect. I sure hope he likes it. :)

What is your 5 for Five this week? 

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