Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Insta-dump and Liebster 3!

Hello world! As you all know by now, I have a new phone. An iPhone to be exact. Since the acquisition of my new phone, I have been completely OBSESSED with Instagram. The cameras on these things are incredible! How did I ever live without this thing?! Anyways, I found a link-up that lets me take all of my Instagram posts and annoy everyone with them on my blog! Everyone wins!!

I even made a cute little collage so ya'll can keep up. :)

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1. This was the very first photograph that I took with me new phone. I told Hubs to make it a good one. You see what happened.

2. This is my sweet baby boy Maverick. That's his spot. He's a little like Sheldon on The Big Bang Theory.

3. This is my Kimber girl. I broke that sweater and I was going to throw it away. I think I'm gonna give it to her. Hubs was not a fan.

4. And here she is again in her every day form. Lovely isn't it? She's silly.

5. I went a month between fill-ins. I was DYING for a nail job. I finally got one. I feel so much more put-together now. Funny how that works, huh?

6. This is the most amazing picture I've taken of Maverick yet. Look at his little legs crossed!

7. Since getting my phone and learning about the camera on the other side of the phone, I've been a selfie-taking-fool! We went to trivia last night and had to take a selfie before leaving.

8. I realized the previous picture wasn't a good view of my jewelry/shirt combo so I went old-school-mirror-selfie. That's the jewelry I bought at Belk this weekend. You can read about the good deal I got here.

9. I was just about to get ready for bed when I noticed that my hair looked great. I couldn't let the moment go unnoticed, so naturally I took a picture.

Liebster Award Take 3, ya'll!

NOWWW, something else exciting happened! Yesterday I checked my comments and got nominated again for the Liebster! Since I've already shared 11 things about me and nominated 11 others for the award, I'm just gonna answer the questions that Sarah @ Definitely Sarah B. asked! Go check out her blog! It's super adorable! Here's the questions that she asked:

1.  How long have you been blogging & why? 
I've only been blogging since October. I love the blogging community and love that we can all share our thoughts and opinions freely without consequence!

2.  What's one thing you couldn't live without?
One thing and not person, right? The one thing I couldn't live without would probably be my iPhone. I went all of that time without it, and now I don't know what I'd do without it. You can do everything on those things!

3.  Favorite Sports Team?
This is like the hardest question on here for me. I LOVE sports. SO MUCH. Can I do this per sport? Please? KThanks.
Baseball: Atlanta Braves; NFL: Atlanta Falcons; NCAA Football: Georgia Bulldogs; NASCAR: Jimmie Johnson and the 48 Team

4.  Are you a shoe person? If so how many would you say you own?
I am most definitely the epitome of a show person. I have at least 60 pairs of shoes (last time I counted). Every time I go shopping I almost always come home with a pair of shoes or a purse. No kidding.

5.  Your favorite Shampoo brand?
Funny you should ask! I'm actually looking to expand my shampoo/conditioner usage. Right now I'm using L'Oreal EverPure. I'm thinking I want a little change. Nothing against L'Oreal. It's been great, I just like to change it up every once in a while. If anyone has any new suggestions, I'm all ears!

6.  What are you scared of?
Wind. Not breezes, not light gusts, but like full on WIND. Like more than 15 miles/hr. I've had an emotionally exhausting couple of days. Thank you, Mother Nature.

7.  Morning Person or Night Owl?
Both. Seriously. But, if I had to pick one - Morning person. I like sleeping too much to put it off at night for shenanigans. Oh, it's 9:30? Bedtime! I swear I'm an old lady at heart.

8.  Sweet Tea or Coke?

9.  If you could do anything for a living what would you do?
Ad designer. As a matter of fact, I just designed an ad for the company I work for! I just love being creative.  Anything where I can just have "arts and crafts" every day is fine with me!

10. If you could be front row to any concert of all time, who would you see?
Oh wow. Okay I'm gonna go with... Elvis. How AWESOME would it be to see him live? And not fat Elvis - pelvis-shaking Elvis!

11. Do you collect anything?
Shoes and purses. See #4. I think it's almost on the border of hoarding at this point. I just love them so much!

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  1. That sweater on your dog is just adorable!! And I think that photo of you and your hubs is too cute as well!

    Thanks for linking up!