Saturday, February 23, 2013

Leibster Award Take 2!

So, I've been nominated for a Leibster award again! The first time I was nominated I only had like 3 followers so I'm thinking this has come with great timing! This time I was nominated by a sweet blogger by the name of Suzanne who blogs at Sweet Tea in the Sunshine State! I know I still don't have THAT many readers, but I think those of you who DO read this will learn just a little bit more about me. 

Here are the rules:

1. List 11 facts about yourself.
2. Answer the 11 questions given to you. 
3. Create 11 new questions for the bloggers you nominate for the award. 
4. Choose 11 bloggers with 200 or fewer followers to nominate.
5. Go to each bloggers place to let them know about the award. 
6. Thank the person who nominated you and link back to their blog. 

So, here we go! 11 facts about me! 

1. I live in a town with only 1 stoplight. 

2. In high school I did a 2 week student exchange to Bautzen, Germany. 

I'm in the front row with the bright-as-day white outfit on. 
3. My first plan ride ever was that 8 hour flight to Germany for the above exchange.

4. I had never gotten a speeding ticket until last year (made it 8 years!).

5. On that same note, I've almost totaled a vehicle twice (Half-Asian, full female. Can we say stereotype?).

6. I am a HUGE Braves baseball fan. I live 3.5 hours away, but I go to as many games as my wallet can stand every year! 

7. I've run a half marathon on Superbowl Sunday 2012. I never thought I would be able to do that, but I did. 

I may have run it slow, but I ran it, dangit! 
8. I make wreaths. A LOT. If you ever need a wreath, I'm your girl. I missed V-Day this year and I'm kicking myself for it. I bought the supplies and everything, but never got around to it! 

9. I absolutely hate being cold. There is a reason why I moved further South. People think I'm crazy, but I don't like for my bones to hurt because of the weather outside. No thank you. Give me sunshine and I'm a happy girl! 

10. I painted a portrait of my baby girl Kimber last year. It was the first time I painted anything "realistic."

Not too bad, huh?
11. I am a reality TV junkie. Seriously. Here's a few of the shows that I absolutely LOVE: (Don't judge me!)

Now, questions for me to answer!

1. Do you like scary movies, if so, what's your favorite? Well, I am not a scary movie kind of girl, but if I had to pick a scary movie that I really liked, I would go with the very first Saw movie. It was those mind games that really got me. The second one wasn't too bad either. They should have stopped with the third, like I did. 

2. What do you prefer to read, fiction or nonfiction? Definitely nonfiction. I love ready biographies. Specifically of the comedic variety. For instance, I LOVE the Chelsea Handler books.

3. Did you play any sports growing up? I played t-ball when I was little-little. Then I moved on to cheering and then to color guard, with a little bit of church-league softball thrown in for good measure. I'd like to think I was pretty active as a child. More than I can say about myself now, but we're working on that. :)

4. What's the best concert you've ever been to? Oh my gosh. This is the hardest question on here. I really don't even know where to start, I've been to so many! I love me some Luke Bryan and when I went to the Farm Tour the first time he came to Valdosta, I had the time of my life. This was before all of the rules against bringing your own beer in. Now it's just a bunch of people crowded around a stage. Back then it was a bunch of people partying together while Luke was holding down the stage area. 

This is a video of it that I took. I have no idea why I rotated the camera. I was... well, drunk. LOL. Go ahead and skip to 1:30 and just enjoy that for a second.

5. Why did you decide to start blogging? I decided to start because of my sweet friend Maggie, at Maggie The Mrs. I figured, hey, I used to rock the Xanga back in the day, this could be pretty fun! Now, here I am!

6. Are you working the job you thought you would be back in high school? Heck-to-the-naw! I thought I wanted to be a pharmacist in high school. I went off to college, got a job at the pharmacy and hated my life until I quit. I knew that wasn't my calling and that was that. Now I'm actually a crop chemical consultant/regulatory agent. Honestly, I really like my job. And, I got really lucky finding it almost immediately after I graduated.

7. Who is your favorite celebrity? Another hard one! As of right now, I'm gonna go with Norman Reedus. The Walking Dead is my favorite show right now and I love him. Seriously.

I don't know what it is, but I can't get enough of it! 
8. Are you a good public speaker? I'd like to think I am. I don't have anxiety attacks or any of that junk before speaking in front of a crowd. I have to practice like everyone else, but in general I like to be the center of attention sometimes.

9. What is your favorite place to vacation? Mexico Beach, Florida. It's where Hubs proposed, where we got married and where we love to go. It's so quiet and peaceful there. No tourist attractions, just you and the beach. Nothing else to ask for.

It was really windy. Go figure, right? 

10. What do you think is your biggest character flaw? When I have a plan set out for something, I almost always have to do it that way or I have a tiny mental breakdown in my head while I'm dealing with the fact that plans have changed and I have no control over it. It's really weird, but it happens. The smallest things too: for instance, once Hubs wasn't ready when I got to the house to pick him up for something. I sat in the car and waited for him trying to figure out how I was going to get over this 5 minutes that have now been WASTED that have apparently thrown off all of my plans for the day. He hates when I get like that. I can't blame him. He still loves me though, and puts up with it. We laugh about it later.

11. What is your favorite recipe to make at home? I'm going to go with anything and everything that can be cooked in my Crock-Pot. Seriously, how awesome are those things? Everyone needs to have one.

Now, my questions for my nominees: 

1. Obligatory: Why did you start blogging?
2. Who/what has the most influence on your life right now?
3. Favorite thing to drink?
4. If you could switch places with anyone AT ALL for a week, who would it be?
5. What is the most embarrassing thing to ever happen to you?
6. In which reality show would you excel the most?
7. What is your claim to fame? How do people identify you?
8. If I opened your fridge right now, what would I find?
9. What is your dream job?
10. Favorite thing to do on a date/girls night?
11.  The one thing that you want more than anything else at the moment is...?

On to my nominees!

Ashley @ The Enlightened Redneck
Jen @ Team Bowen
Erin @ Living, Laughing, & Loving Life
Alissa @ iAManRD
Megan @ Growing Up is Actually Kind of Fun
Alexandra @ Everything Under the Sun
Jess @ City Sequins

Can't wait to see what ya'lls answers are!! 


  1. Love your blog! So glad I came across it :)


  2. Yay! I loved reading through your responses. I spent 3 weeks this past summer in Germany. It was the best! Also, I didn't know you were married in Mexico Beach. That's 30 minutes from my house! Beautiful there :)

  3. I FINALLY did my post!! Thanks for Nominating me!!! :)