Tuesday, February 19, 2013

First Things First!

I'm at it again!

It's First Things First with Halie! For today's memories, here are the questions:

First thing I do at the Gym: 

WELL. I have a gym membership that I don't use. I call it my fat-tax every month. But, don't worry! I've been working out at home instead! When I DID go to the gym I always did thigh workouts first, mostly because I already ran during the day before coming to the gym and the thigh machine things were right at the front with the ellipticals and treadmills. Seemed right to just do what I got to first, first. 

First date with my current significant other (Hubs!): 

Well, this is.. controversial. I won't tell you why, but I will tell you about the date. Hubs asked me if I wanted to hang out one day. We knew we had feelings for each other but we had never really acted on it before this day. Of course I said yes and away we went. First we went to his parents house. They had a pool table and so he asked me if I wanted to play. Not knowing that I knew my way around the billiards, Hubs went easy on me and I beat him. Bad. (That part may be exaggerated. I don't know how much. I've told it this way so many times that I'm started to believe myself!). We played another game where he actually played and he won. I was upset. But not upset enough to not continue the date. :)

After that we went to a pizza buffet. I loved this place and he knew it. We invited one of our other friends to come with us and he showed up a little later. After we had got to sit down, eat, get approached by a couple of folks that set destiny in motion (part of the controversy), and talk for a bit. Come to think of it, not only was that friend at our first date, but he was also there for our engagement! I wonder if he realizes that? 

ANYWHO! After that, fate ran it's course and here we are today. I don't think I've beat Hubs at pool since that day. He's pretty proud of that. I will continue to try though. 

This was not our first date, but it was our first overnight trip we ever took. Savannah, baby! 

First email:

Ya'll, when we got a computer with internet in our house, we were the cool kids on the block. I spent all day and would have spent all night on the internet if my parents hadn't pried me away from it every night. Being the pre-teen that I was, I thought I had to come up with the coolest email I could on the coolest, most hip email provider that I could find. The best choice that my adolescent brain could conjur up?    gtchicka88@bolt.com 

What in the world?? First of all, GT stood for Georgia Tech. I wasn't even a real tech fan. I am a Georgia fan. Second, chicka? What in the world was I thinking? Third, you may think that 88 was the year I was born. NOPE. It's not. Finally: bolt.com? I don't even know where I found that. I'm sure I searched for hours to find it. EMBARASSING. Needless to say, that is NOT my current email address, or anywhere near it! 

Are you linking up today? What are your firsts??

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  1. Seriously - we've all had the most ridiculous stories about our email addresses so far! That's been my favorite to read today I think :) So funny! Glad you joined in and linked up with me today!!

  2. Girl, my first email address (which I still have -- I run all my junk mail through it) is so very embarrassing. It's the one I always give out when they ask me at stores, and I hate having to say it because I always feel the need to explain myself....

    Anyways, I wanted to let you know that I nominated you for a Liebster Award! You can check out my post about it here:


    -Suzanne :)

    1. Thanks girl!! I think I'll start working on my post now. :)