Monday, February 18, 2013

Work-Out Update!

Just finished my workout for the day and I look AWFUL! But, that's okay. I'll be looking much much better in a few weeks. :) 

Seriously though, last week I found out a helluva lot about myself. Including and not limited to the fact that I am no where NEAR the shape that I thought I was in. I wanted to start p90x last week, but after doing plyometrics once - JUST ONCE - I thought I was going to die the next day. I forgot why I could never make it through the first couple of weeks. 

So, I've had to adjust the schedule to fit my needs. How humbling that was. For instance, I'm sitting out on Plyo for now and replacing it with regular cardio x. I'm just not ready for the intense cardio workouts yet. So sad, but it has to be done. I don't want to hurt myself when I'm just getting started. 

As far as eating goes, I've been doing pretty well actually. Normally I would eat out every day. And when I say eat out, I mean fast food. Not. Good. Last week I think I cooked dinner 5/7 nights. One night we had pizza and one night we had sushi (Valentine's Day). 

One other thing I've learned about myself is that I get bored working out. I have no idea why. Oh well. A small price to pay for reaching my goals! 

Speaking of reaching your goals, how's this for motivation: 

Pinned via Tasha Lott on Pinterest
I think I'll make these tonight! What if you put like a $100 bill in the bottom of the "to go" jar for a new outfit or something when you reach your goal? That would motivate me A  LOT!!

How's everyone else's Monday going? 

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