Monday, November 26, 2012

The Little Things

My family is not exactly the most conventional family that you've met, but we make do. Over Thanksgiving I realized just how unconventional we really are. I'm not sure I remember the last time that my dad was home for Thanksgiving. He works overseas and comes home when they tell him that he can. But, every year my mom cooks a full Thanksgiving meal just like we have a full house. And every year it's better than the last. And, I must admit, we eat enough for you to think that he's home. :) 

This year, in addition to a whole turkey, she even made roast beef (MY FAVORITE) and when I asked her how she makes it (which I ask her every time we have it, but for some reason I can not get it right when I try it myself), she informed me that I "have a lot to learn." I just laughed and thought to myself just how right she is. One day I will have the cooking skills of my Momma. One day. 

Now that I'm back home, it's nothing but full-force, full-speed, full-throttle, full-whatever ahead. Guess that's what happens when a holiday ends. Who knew? But, now that I do have to get back in the swing of things, I find myself smiling at the little things that happen throughout the day. They really help get me through the day. Here are just a few things that made me smirk and giggle over the past few weeks:

  • Remember when I told you that I forgot to buy George's Old Spice body wash/shampoo? Well, the next day I went to get it and boy did I find a treat! Old Spice apparently comes in the scent of courage! Guess what George has been smelling like for the past few weeks.. You can't tell me that you wouldn't buy it too. Who doesn't want to smell like courage?! And did I mention the name of this spectacular find? DANGER ZONE. Yeah, you read that right. DANGER ZONE. I couldn't resist. It was too good. 
Need I say more? 

  • While I was out Black Friday shopping, which just so happened to be on Thursday (WTF?), we had a little break between store openings and we decided that we were hungry, so we went to Sonic for some half-priced breakfast burritos. We got to the drive up window and asked for some delicious burritos and they were apparently not selling them until midnight. Humph. So, we went to the first place we saw - Steak n Shake. And guess what's at Steak n Shake... Frisco Melts AND Ultimate Banana Milkshakes. Heaven! Night was made at that moment. 
  • Last night when we got home from Thanksgiving, I was looking in the fridge, while I was putting up all the delicious goodies that my mom made, and I realized that our eggs are going to go bad in a week. This happens all the time with eggs. When we have them, we don't use them. When we need them, we don't have them. Well, I decided that I need to use up those eggs. I didn't really want to do the regular ole scrambled eggs and sausage because, to be quite frank, I don't really like scrambled eggs. I'm too lazy to make omelettes, so what's in the oven right now? Sausage gravy breakfast casserole! Yum. AND, George doesn't have to work til Midnight tonight so he's gonna be home in time for me to see him before I go to bed! What a great day! 
So, I guess as long as I find small things in my everyday walk of life to make me smile, I can make it. And so can you. It's all about the silver linings. 

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