Wednesday, December 19, 2012

It's the Season for Parties!

There are numerous reasons that I love the holiday season, but one of the most exciting reasons is that the party-to-weekend ratio is pretty much quadrupled from the rest of the year. This year has held some less-than-customary parties and I've been having a blast! I have a couple pictures from each that I would like to share. You'll notice that the Mr. and I match in all of these. What can I say? We're adorable. 

Because I started blogging after Halloween, I want to post a photo of my Halloween outfit. It has nothing to do with the party season, but whatevs. :)
I was Mario! Ha! Look at that mustache! 
Okay, back to parties: The first party I attended was my work's 30th anniversary party. It was so much fun. 30 years doesn't come around but every so often, you know.
He was super excited about his vest. 
Next up was the company Christmas party! This one could have been my favorite because it was at a hunting club, skeet shooting was a few hours before the party and the food for the night was some delicious home cooking. Quail, potatoes, roast, you get the idea. It was delicious. 
Go Dawgs! :)
The final party (that wasn't George's company Christmas party because that was 2 nights ago and I don't have pictures from that one) was a MURDER MYSTERY! I love these parties! I took quite a few pictures from this party, but sadly none of them were of us. Too bad! There were a LOT of awesome things about this party, so I must share!

These were waiting for us when we got to the house. They were out invitations. The setting was 1912 and we were at a "seance" party at a gentleman's club AKA smoke bar. 

This was my character. I was Baroness Sophia du' Lac. I was an heiress from France. My character was also in love with George's character. George's character wanted me for my connections. I wanted him for a trip out of Europe and to America because I was trying to escape money troubles. Ha! George was an American cattle herder and tobacco farmer... or something like that. 

The invitations were even waxed sealed, just like they would be in the old days! We got a total of 4 character cards throughout the night. 

There was also a crystal ball that lit up a bunch of different colors and flickered! It was pretty snazzy. Not gonna lie. Zoltan (the seance leader-guy) was the one who was murdered. 

This was a crucial part of the story. At the very end of the night, we all gathered around the table to try an conjure Zoltan so that he could tell us who murdered him. While doing this, the freaking pointer thing moved and stopped when it was pointing at the person who did it. It was great! These guys put a lot of work into this, and let me tell you, it paid off! Most fun I've had in a while!  

What kinds of parties have you been to this holiday season?

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