Wednesday, December 5, 2012

The Liebster!

Tonight I came home to find that my dear sweet friend Maggie over at Maggie the Mrs has nominated me for the Liebster award! My first thought: What in the heck is a Liebster award? From the Mrs herself: 
Basically it's an award that goes to new bloggers with less than 200 followers. Liebster is German and means sweetheart, beloved person, darling. You get nominated by someone who already has received it.
Essentially, I tell you 11 things about myself, then I answer 11 questions from whoever nominated me, then I pick some folks to give the award to and give them 11 questions to answer. A fun new way to find new blogs!

 I know I JUST did a list yesterday, but I love lists so I'm pretty pumped for an excuse to do another one. 

11 Things About Me:

  1. I've had acrylic nails since I was 17. The first time I got them done was for Junior Prom and I've had them ever since. 
  2. I couldn't keep a plant alive to save my life. Seriously. The inside of my house is so put together, but no one could tell from looking at it from the outside. 
  3. Once I was making cupcakes from cake mix and I screwed it up. They were like little cups of molten lava cupcakes and would not solidify. George witnessed it. I was embarrassed.
  4. I found something on Pinterest yesterday that I didn't realize that I lived by, but I do. It said, "When in doubt, just add glitter." Sounds about right. 
  5. I have over 60 pairs of shoes. That was not a typo.
  6. My ovary tried to kill me this year (Not really, but OMG it was painful).
  7. I love dressing up. Any excuse to dress up, I will take. Bars, concerts, parties. Whatever. I'm there.
  8. During baseball season I fall behind on all of my television shows because the only thing I will watch is baseball. I love baseball. Thank goodness for DVR.
  9. The first "date" that George and I went on, we went to his house first to play pool. He thought he would let me win, but by the middle of the game, he realized I was a little better than I was putting on.
  10. My PawPaw used to fix me coffee when I was a little girl. It was more like coffee flavored sugar-milk. I think that's why I love lattes so much today. 
  11. My favorite Pandora station is 2000s Hip Hop Radio. Go listen. You'll thank me later. 
11 Questions from Maggie:
  1. If you had to give yourself an entirely new name, what would it be and why? Okay, starting with a hard one. I think I would go with pretty much any name with an 'a' on the end. With my last name, it's bound to be great. Take Mona for instance. Mona Lott. Pure gold. 
  2. If you had to hear only one song on repeat for every minute of the rest of your life, what song would you choose? Alright, another hard one. I love music, so this is tough. At this point in my life I would choose "You and I" by Lady Gaga. I don't really like too much of her music but there is something about that song that I just LOVE.
  3. If a movie was made about you, what celebrity would play you and, if you're married, your hubby? I really like Mila Kunis. I feel like she could play a good "Tasha". As for George, there is only one other tall dark and handsome man that I would consider. His name? Gerard Butler.  
  4. What was your favorite class that you've ever taken? (High school, college, etc) AP Chemistry. No question. 
  5. What is the best vacation you've ever been on? Talladega. Nothing like it. 
  6. If money was no object, what would you want to do with your life? I'd want to be an interior decorator. If I had unlimited funds, I could do wonders with anyone's house. Including my own.
  7. What is your favorite holiday? Why? Christmas. I love decorating for Christmas. I love gift shopping. I love giving people gifts. I love seeing my family. I love surprises. Everything I love happens at Christmas. It's the perfect holiday.
  8. If you could be a back up singer for any musician, who would you choose? Miranda Lambert. I love her right now. She's incredible. 
  9. What talk show would you like to guest host? Conan. I would laugh until I peed myself. Good times will be had. 
  10. Whose blog inspires you the most? Thrifty Decor Chick
  11. If you could describe your blog in three words, what would they be? Random, Fun, Real

Now, I don't have all that many folks I'm following at the moment, but I do have a couple that need a little boost in posting. Here are my nominations for the Liebster: 
Janie @ And This is Who I Am...
 My questions for ya'll: 
  1. Why did you start your blog? 
  2. If you could switch places with anyone AT ALL for a week, who would it be?
  3. Favorite thing to do on date night/girl night? 
  4. What is the most embarrassing thing to ever happen to you? 
  5. In what reality show would you excel the most? 
  6. If you could only eat one type of food for the rest of your life, which would you choose? 
  7. What is your dream job? 
  8. What is your claim to fame (what do people know you as)?
  9. If I opened your fridge right now, what would I find? 
  10. If you were an animal, what would you be? Why?
  11. The one thing that you want more than anything else at the moment is: 
I can't wait to read the answers! 

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  1. Love it! Isn't it such a fun thing? I had so much fun writing mine and reading yours!