Friday, January 11, 2013

Kimber Lu is 2!

Two years ago my sweet baby girl Kimber Lu was born! She has been an absolute joy to have in our lives. Today, she was even so excited that it was her birthday, that I managed to get 2 good pictures of her! You've seen one already if we're friends on FaBo. Here's the other: 

Obviously I had to spice it up a little bit. She deserves the best. :)
They say that 1 dog year is like 7 in human years. Kimber would be a good example. She never had a problem going to bed at night in her kennel and now all of a sudden she doesn't want to go in. She constantly wants to go outside when she doesn't even have to pee (she never did this before, she loved to be inside!). I'm having flashbacks to my teenage years and I think she takes after me! What in the world is it going to be like when I have ACTUAL children running around? Lord help me! Thankfully this phase should wear off pretty soon. Maybe we will try sleeping at night without a kennel. Who knows. Until then, she's still my sweet little baby girl and I still love her to pieces. Happy Birthday, Kimber Lu!


  1. The past 3 nights this week, we have left Bella out of her crate at night. She has done WONDERFUL!! I also know what you mean about her wanting to be outside b/c Bella use to want to be inside only but now she whines and begs to go outside!! WEIRD! lol