Friday, February 15, 2013

One more Valentine's Day Post!

Check it out! Hubs already gave me my Valentine's Day gift. You can read about that whole glorious weekend here. But, he didn't get his stuff until last night. Here's all the stuff my lucky Hubs got for Valentine's Day!

I had to hide things throughout Hub's day yesterday for him to find because he had to work all night. Even though we are celebrating tonight, I HAD to give him his presents yesterday because I was so excited!
I planted this gift on his vanity in the bathroom so when he woke up, he would get it. What was in it? Boxers of course. What girl doesn't like to give their man a pair of good boxers for Valentine's day?
Next gift I planted in his office. I wanted him to get it before he left the house in the morning, but he told me he was running late and didn't get to open it. Maybe he was running late because he couldn't pick out which pair of boxers he wanted to wear! Dang! I should have planned better! We're both Atlanta Falcons fans and this shirt started getting popular right as the season was coming to an end. Hubs loves Pulp Fiction so I knew what I had to do. I bought myself one too so we can match (!!!).
Hubs has his pilot license and works at the airport. I wanted to get him something that reflected that part of his life. I was scouring the interwebs and was just about to give up when I saw the most glorious sight. This gift is beyond perfect. It talks about by flying and fueling up and they are shot glasses! Who doesn't want a shot when they come home from a grueling day of customer service? Incredible. Bought them immediately.
This was the gift I was most excited about. Since the first time that we played this game, we have been addicted. There was only one problem: it was always SOLD OUT! You could buy it on Amazon from 3rd parties but it would always be more than twice the price! We were not doing that! Finally about a week and a half ago I get a tip that it was back in stock, I immediately went to Amazon and ordered it (plus both expansion packs!) and sure enough, an hour later it was sold out again! If you've never played this game and don't mind "adult" humor, I suggest trying it. It can be vulgar, but it's quite the hilarious game. Think "Adult Apples-to-Apples". 

How did your Valentine's Day turn out?

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