Saturday, March 2, 2013

Weekly What?

Today I'm linking up with Allie at Tales of a Twenty Something, Jenn Party of One and Ricci at Ricci Explains it All for Weekly What!


I feel like this is a good week to start since I've blogged so much this week! I almost can't remember everything I've done! This is a link up to review everything from the past week. Clever right? It also gives you something to post on a lazy Saturday. 

Monday I reviewed a bargain shopping spree that I went on with my Momma. My favorite purchase from that day? My pink glitter Sperry Topsiders for $20. Sadly, it's literally been flooding where I live so I haven't got to wear them at all yet! Boo! 

Tuesday I linked up with Halie for First Things First. We talked about our first choice for breakfast (breakfast casserole), beverage (sweet tea, duh! and maragaritas) and dessert (Buffalo Wild Wings cheesecake bites a la mode on top of a fried tortilla - I have no idea of the name). 

Wednesday I had a 2 part post! The first half I was linking up with Insta-Lately and took a huge Instadump on my blog. Part 2 was answering some questions from my 3rd nomination for the Liebster. Thanks again for  the noms, ya'll! Makes a girl feel so loved! 

Thursday was the day that changed my blogging life forever. Helene started Blog Connect and I learned about button swapping with Passionfruit ads! For those who missed that post, I'm now swapping buttons for FREE until further notice, just click the Button Swap tab at the top of the page! I've had some incredible ladies already swap with me! It's so exciting! I may even start asking some of you if you'd like to guest post here. If you want. :) If you haven't yet, you really need to check out Blog Connect! 
Blog Connect
Yesterday I felt moved to share some of my favorite songs with everyone! I love music. It makes me happy and I love to be happy on Fridays. What a good way to start the weekend! Here's a video that I shared:

I really think that Fridays are going to be my music post days. I really enjoyed that. Not really sure why, though. 

What were you up to this week?


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    1. Me too! I felt like a little girl when I found them! I let out a huge "OH MY GOSH". Unfortunately, it's been flooding down here and I haven't got to wear them at all!

  2. I just joined Blog Connect too..that's how I found your blog!

    Those Sperry's are CUTE!! I hope you get to wear them soon!

    1. Thanks so much! Isn't Blog Connect the best?!