Wednesday, May 8, 2013

The Most Wonderful Place on Earth

Well, for a redneck, maybe! Last week I told everyone that I would be going to Talladega this past weekend. Well, I had a BLAST! If you've never camped out at a NASCAR race, you are truly missing out on one of the more exciting things in life! Every year I look forward to going, making new friends and hanging out with the old ones. Every year is another adventure and hilarious things seem to follow the rednecks around with the help of a little friend we all have named "alcohol". Here's some pictures! 

Hubs and I on Friday. Check out the reflection in my glasses. Can't leave camp without the Bud Light, baby. 
My cousin, me and Hubs. Apparently we wandered into AJ McCarron's grandpa's RV.  Go drunk us! 
My cousin and our Mississippi friend we met 2 years ago at Dega. Yes, that's the 'shine. 
Free infield concert this year was Chris Young. It was AWESOME.
My cousin and I at the concert. Never leave home without a koozie. And never come to Dega without a raincoat.
Finally we watched some racing! That sweet hat that hubs has on,  you can get here. SPEED POWER PASSION!
How else would you watch a cold and rainy race? With a beer and rain boots, of course! 
We had so much fun this year (and may have gotten rained on just enough) that we might even go back for the fall race! I can't wait! What did you do last weekend??

Oh, and PS - The winner of the Sprint Cup race? David Ragan! He's from 20 minutes south of where I grew up! I was so proud!

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