Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Tell Me About It Tuesday

Linking up with Helene for Tell Me About It Tuesday.

Helene in Between

Boy do I have a doozy today. I believe this picture says it all: 

It's been an incredibly hard week for me in this respect. For the love of all that's holy if I read one more post about someone getting pregnant or someone having a baby I swear I will delete my Facebook. If I have to buy anymore baby shit that isn't coming home with me, I'm going to scream. Sorry new moms and moms-to-be. I just can't handle it anymore. I love looking at your cute babies' pictures, but a girl can only take so much torture. Also, if one more person asks me when I'm going to have children, I think I will smack them. What a terrible question to ask someone! It's almost like asking a fat person if they're pregnant - but you're really asking why AREN'T you pregnant. Can we just outlaw that question? That would also be great. 

I need more friends without kids to keep me distracted from all of the pregnancy updates and cute baby pictures that flood my timeline EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. Who's in? No babies allowed! 

Sorry for the rant. Had to get it off of my chest. I still love all of you baby-mommas. It's just a little raw right now. I'm sure you understand. 


  1. no kids over here!!! i am soooo with you on this. And I will help you to slap people. no questions asked.

  2. Well that's just not nice Tizzle! :P